Project: TurboBrougham!!
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Author:  bs009 [ Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project: TurboBrougham!!

soundman9826 wrote:
this is awesome. i would love to do something like this to my care on day but i have a lot to learn. did you start with a stock n/a 3800 and what did u have to replace/upgrade to get the power and boost u wanted? do you know how much power the car makes now?

Thanks! If you want to learn I'd start with small jobs and then move to bigger ones like this someday lol

The motor is a bone stock N/A motor from the Camaro. I did replace the lifters because the old ones were ticking though and it does have 80# fuel injectors in it too. I have yet to put the car onto a dyno yet but I'm thinking at 10 psi and 19* of timing that I'm currently running and with the 9.5:1 compression ratio of the L36 it should be somewhere between 300 - 400 horsepower. It definitely feels like it could have that much power too.

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