1994 - 1995 PCM Trouble Codes
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Author:  Jrs3800 [ Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  1994 - 1995 PCM Trouble Codes

The 1994 - 1995 GM C and H Body with a 3800 V6 will require a 16 Pin OBD2 Cable as this car uses an OBD2 connector... Even though these cars use an OBD2 connector and OBD2 codes they still use OBD1 Protocol.. The Scan Tool you use for these cars will have to have the capability to read the 94-95 3800 V6 Powertrain..

1994 - 1995 Vin 1, L, K PCM Trouble Codes

P0101- Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit
P0112- Intake Air Temperature Circuit( Low Temp Indicated )
P0113- Intake Air Temperature Circuit( Hight Temperature Indicated )
P0117- Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit( Low Temperature Indicated )
P0118- Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Circuit( High Temperature Indicated )
P0122- Throttle Position Sensor Circuit( Signal Voltage Low )
P0123- Throttle Position Sensor Circuit( Signal Voltage High )
P0131- Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit( Low Signal Voltage )
P0132- Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit( High Signal Voltage )
P0134- Heated Oxygen Sensor Circuit( Open Circuit )
P0171- Fuel Trim Lean
P0172- Fuel Trim Rich
P0200- Injector Circuit Fault( Vin K Only )
P0321- Spark Reference Circuit
P0325- Knock Sensor Circuit
P0341- Cam/Crank Error
P0342- Cam Signal Circuit
P0401- EGR Flow Test Failure
P0501/P0502 - Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
P0703- TCC Brake Input Circuit
P0705- TRans Range Switch Circuit
P0712- Transaxle Fluid Temperature Sensor ( Low Temperature Indicated )
P0713- Transaxle Fluid Temperature Sensor ( High Temperature Indicated )
P0740- Torque Converter Clutch Problem
P0755- Transaxle Shift B Solenoid Problem
P1257- Boost Control Problem( Vin 1 )
P1350/P1361- Ignition Control Circuit
P1406- EGR Valve Pintle Position Error
P1520- Park/Neutral Position Switch Circuit
P1530- AC Head Pressure Switch Circuit
P1558- Cruise System Problem( SPS Indicated Low )
P1561- Cruise Vent Solenoid Circuit
P1562- Curise Vacuum Solenoid Circuit
P1565- Cruise Servo Position Sensor Circuit
P1567- Cruise Switches Circuir
P1568- Cruise System Problem( SPS Indicated High )
P1571- Traction Control Desired Torque Out Of Range
P1573- Traction Control Fault - Loss Of ABS/TCS Serial Data
P1599- Cruise Power Management
P1623- PROM Error ( Faulty Or Incorrect PROM )
P1626/P1629- PASS-Key II Fuel Enable Circuit
P1630- System Voltage High/Low
P1640- QDM#1 Circuit
P1650- QDM#2 Circuit
P1670- QDM#4 Circuit
P1860- Torque Converter Clutch PWM Solenoid Circuit( Vin K Only )

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