4t-60e temperatures
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Author:  RJolly87 [ Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  4t-60e temperatures

Today I took the '94 Regal out with the data scanner for a general health check. One of the areas involved a round trip through a local mountain pass, which is in the neighborhood of a 10 mile long, 3.5% grade. Conditions were partly cloudy, with temperatures in the 75* range. 

Engine was having a grand ole time, and even at the worst of it, with demands being made of it some would consider quite unreasonable, wasn't pushing much past 200*.

Transmission temperatures as reported by the scanner, however, weren't so lucky, with much of the run north of 200, even at dead cruise, with a rise to 230* in the worst of it. The transmission also seemed unwilling to cool right back down after loads dropped off and normal cruising was resumed on flat land. It took quite a bit of time, and really didn't seem to bottom back out until hitting the stop and go traffic again. 

Research on the internet has suggested the following:

4T-60s like to make a lot of heat. 

Ideal temperature is 160-180*, and ESPECIALLY below 200*, not even counting that 220* is the temperature that varnish begins forming. 

But ultimately, I am not sure how much attention is really warranted. External thermostatically controlled cooler is probably ideal for the desert southwest, but then again, the behavior only exhibited while over open road, which would probably only happen a few times a year, if that. 

I also know that service history has not been this car's strong suit, between 2 previous owners that sold it because they were too old to drive, and another owner that often deferred all maintenance, I imagine that the fluid isn't in the greatest shape either. 

How much attention does this warrant? Thoughts/suggestions?

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