New guy looking for some advice 90' bonn
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Author:  celliott83 [ Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  New guy looking for some advice 90' bonn

Hey guys and gals! New to the group. I hate to be "that guy" that comes in immediately with a problem, but my bucket has some. So i purchased the car for $400 yesterday, so at that price i know the issues are there. Im getting codes 16, 41, and 43. I know generally what the codes are, but my question is this...

I picked the car up about 100 miles away. When i initially started it, it had a slow start, but did eventually start. I get going down the road and it sputters a bit (who knows how long it sat). I get on the interstate to a dead stop in traffic, it starts sputtering more, revs up/down, volt moving a bit as well. Put it in neutral and periodically give it some gas here and there. Eventually it revs a bit and once out of traffic it sailed down the hwy without an issue. Sputtering went away. This morning i had to jump it. As soon as the cables connected it started right away no issues at all on the way to work. Leave work to the slower start again, no sputter. Get about 3 blocks from the house and it starts sputtering again. Get 1 block from home and it cuts off while driving. Tried to throw it in neutral and restart while coasting, no go! Get to tbe side of the street, sat there for a few mins and still wont crank, trys but no go. Call my gf to come jump me, hooked up and waited a few mins and starts. Sputters but starts, cleared up as soon as i hit tbe house. So i pull the battery and threw it on charge. While doing so i notice the bolts for tbe terminals are a little stripped, as well as the holes for them on the battery. Also the terminals for both the positive cables had 2 washers on them. So i figure my issue besides needing some much needed fluid changes are to get a new battery and possibly some new terminals. Ill do that tomorrow.

What are the chances that my codes are triggered from the 16(low voltage)?

I did speak with a buddy that seems to be familiar of these engines. He said to get the battery tested, If the battery test good then he would suggest a new coil package should fix it.

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