More Misfit Stories... (2 more)
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Author:  kc9dre [ Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  More Misfit Stories... (2 more)

Story 1. I have a day off from work so I do my web search, take kids to the bus stop then off I go 1.5 hours west of me is the next closest Bonneville... I make it to the dealership it was a black 05 SLE... I look over the lot... no place to be found... Sales-guy comes out... Oh we sold that one a week ago... I said it is still on your website... He responded ya should have called... touche.... So that one was a bust...

Story 2. So before I leave that lot I do another search found one for sale for 2650 at a dealership on the lot for 8 months.... I cringe and say ok lets go take a look.... So I went and looked and found it. Car looked good. Salesman comes out and says year that one is not running so well now... tried to jump start it and its not starting. I look at it look at the salesman... /he says yeah we aren't gong to out the money into repairing it. we are going to send it to auction... Then I asked well how much would ya take as it is... then he said what would ya spend for it... I was at a loss as I had no idea... I said not more than a 1000... but was not fond of even that.. I walked away from that one... could be simple could be more than I want to deal with.

I almost gave up....

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