Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bose ?
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Author:  lurtz [ Fri May 02, 2014 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bose ?

Hello Everyone,

I have been doing a lot of reading lately regarding the upgrade of the stock 8 speaker bose head unit in my 01 SSEI.

The only reason i am looking to upgrade is to utilize and AUX input for my IPHOne. I no longer use CDs (and have not for years) and I am completely satisfied with the bose system sound quality.

I have purchased the GMOS 09 harness kit a while back in anticipation of gettting a new head unit, but I have not pulled the trigger yet. I am really torn between trying to install a double din that is flush mount and looks stock vs. just getting a single din and saving the money.

I really like my accessories to look stock. I do not like advertising aftermarket stereos nor do I like the looks of a single din sticking out 3-4 inches with a bunch of black plastic surrounding it. IMHO it just looks like an after thought. (No disrespect intended)

Last night a thought had occured to me. Why not try to use the Pontiac Delco Head Unit from my 02 Grand Prix? It has a bose system as well, but as a bonus I was able to hard wire in an AUX input cable. It is set up so that when I plug in a Portable Music Player the Radio cuts out no matter what station and the music plays through with good clarity.

Since I have the GMOS - 09 would it be simple enough for me to wire the GMOS "Dock n Lock" harness to the GPrix harness and plug and play? (Read not using the GMOS module, just the Dock and Lock connector. Will my Steering Wheel Controls work? how about my chimes?

The bonus would be a factory look, plus I would not have to buy an aftermarket head unit or another 50 bucks for a aswc-1 steering wheel module.

Has anyone attempted this..... or am I missing something big here??


Author:  J Wikoff [ Sun May 04, 2014 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bos

Bump for you.

Author:  bobgto65 [ Sun May 04, 2014 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bos

There are a number of issues that may or may not allow this to work.
1. Getting the GP HU to unlock in your car
2. The number of speakers will have to be the same in both cars - if the deck speakers on the G/P are subwoofers like on the Bonneville, and there are rear door speakers in the G/P that will make life easier
3. If the G/P does not use the doc and lock you will have to cut our part of the back of the radio to make room for the wiring adaptor.
4. The SWC will not work unless the resistance for each control is identical. You will need copies of the G/P and Bonneville shop manuals or read the resistance at the steering column connector to the 2 wires that go to the switches in both cars. You may need the aftermarket SWC for it to work but I do not think they are compatible with Delco HU.
5. You may end up losing your chimes.
6. There are some nice aftermarket double DIN units with touch screens that look good installed and do not cost an arm and a leg, and can use the SWC from your car with a PAC adaptor.

Author:  nos4blood70 [ Mon May 05, 2014 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bos

I have a Bonneville Bose head unit with aux and charging wired into the radio. Personally, I'd get a nice Kenwood HU.

Author:  lurtz [ Mon May 05, 2014 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bos

Hi nos4blood70... Can I ask how you installed the Aux input? Did you have the bose HU with CD and Cassette? I do not have the CD Changer Aux button or setup to do the installs as detailed in other threads on this forum. I do realize that an aftermarket HeadUnit would most likely sound better, but I am trying to be as fiscally responsble (read cheap) as I can be, without doing something half arsed :wink: I know if I go with an aftermarket HU I will have to get all the bell and whistles and go all out with adding Steering Control and spend the money to get full 4v pre-outs and then have to build a bigger system... If I stick with factory I will be limited and less motiviated to spend a bunch of money. Thanks for your reply!!

-bobgto65.. Thanks for your reply. I have seen your responses in a ton of the audio threads, so I am pleased that you chimed in. Since you had a detailed list I will respond in the same order.

1. I never set up my GPs radio to be locked (via theft detterent system). I remember from my 97 Bonnie how big a pita it was to get the unlock code evertime I disconnected the battery so I never activated it. (Who would want to steal a delco HU anyway!) So I dont think I should have a problem. The Bose HU in my Grand Prix is the older style bose with the two Sliders for Bass and Treble, CD Only, small LCD display. Etc. I know the 2000+ HU Units in the had a security pcm board that had to be programmed with the BCM, but I do not think this generation of grandprix had that functionality.

2. They both have 8 speakers. The G Prix has front door and tweeter in the mirror pocket. The rear speakers (all four) are installed on the rear deck. Though based on schematics that I have seen and general bose design I do believe the subs are wired seperately from the full range speakers.

3. I assumed as with most aftermarket players that I would have to make some minor housing changes. I am ok with doing so.

4. I have not been able to get the info on both cars resistance values... I suppose i could just hope for the best. From the looks both sets of buttons look identical, and I would assume they are probably the same part number... (though I am also assuming it is hte swtich that dictates the resistance)

5. I understand this is a possibility as well. Though I do hope not. The chimes run through the stereo on the GP as well.

6. As I said above, this will prbably be the route I will end up going, I was just trying to be as frugal as possible. Like I said, I dont have a problem with the stock sound system. I realize it will not be winning any sound contests, but honestly my ears just arent up to task anymore for that anyways :). I have been doing a ton of research on Double din units and my biggest concern is the installed finished look. If I have to trim the dash cover to have acess to all of the controls then it will look off. If I have any gaps... I will notice them. Perhaps I am being picky but my biggest concern is the finished look. I figured with a factory HU I will have simplicity and form all set.

Once I figure out how I will post a pic of the Gprix wiring diagram that I found. If anyone can point me to the thread that had the pin diagram for the 2001 DnL that would be great!! I have seen it in a thread here last week, but now I cannot find it.

Thanks again everyone.

Author:  lurtz [ Mon May 05, 2014 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Using 2002 Grand Prix Bose Headunit in 2001 SSEI w./ Bos


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