Aftermarket deck causes problems with climate control
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Author:  bkwoods [ Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Aftermarket deck causes problems with climate control

I just bought a new JVC deck for my 97 bonneville and for some reason my climate control (C/C) doesnt seem to like it very much. :dontknow: if i turn the car on with the deck unplugged, the climate controls work just fine. but as soon as i plug in the new deck the C/C screen goes blank other than three horizontal lines where the numbers for temperature go.

obviously its still getting power, otherwise those lines wouldnt appear.

also, i didnt cut any connections that may be attached to the C/C

every wire on my deck is connected to the car, but in the car there are still 3 wires not connected, and to my understanding two of these wires belong to the steering wheel radio controls, one of which i have absolutely no clue what it is for.

when i installed the unit i looked up a list of all the wires that were there and it didnt say anything about the three random wires mentioned earlier.
this is driving me absolutely insane and any clues as to what those wires might be would be greatley appreciated, and any info on how to fix the C/C while keeping my new deck would be appreciated even further. thanks.

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