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 Post subject: RPO Data
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 4:43 pm 
Retired Admin/Techinfo Admin
Retired Admin/Techinfo Admin

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Year and Trim: 03 SLE, 95 SE, 95 TS SE
Regular Production Codes


If you would like to have the codes for your car added here, please let us know...

AAA - equipment standard
AC3 - adjuster,front seat, power, 6 way, bucket driver
AG1 - 6 way power drivers seat, split bench
AG2 - seat adjuster 6 way pwr driver-pass
AJ3 - restraint system,front seat inflatable ,driver
AK5 - restraint system,front seat inflatable, driver & passenger
AL2 - control seat, power lumbar
AL7 - seat front,split,pass/driver,8 way adjust, 2 way
AL9 - seat, power lumbar, driver
AM1 - control seat, manual lumbar, driver
AM2 - control seat, manual lumbar, pass
AM6 - seat front, split,3 pass center arm rest
AN4 - child restraint provisions
AR4 - restraint system, front seat, auto passive
AP9 - net convenience
AQ7 - seat,front split, 6 way adjust, reclining seat back
AQ9 - seat front bucket, pass, driver, reclining seat back
AR9 - seat front bucket, european
style,driver and passenger recline
AS7 - seat front split
AT6 - passenger seat back manual recline
AU0 - lock control, remote entry
AU1 - lock control,side dr,fuel filler door electric
AU3 - power locks, lock control, side driver electric
AU5 - remote keyless entry, lock control(special frequency)
A31 - window, power operated
A43 - memory seat adjuster,mirror,power,driver
A51 - seat, front bucket, custom
A57 - seat, passenger, aux, one folding
A76 - seat cushion back rr, hd
A79 - driver seat back, manual reclining
A80 - adjuster front,seat back,power driver,reclining
A81 - adjuster passenger,seat back, power reclining
A90 - lock control, RR compartment lid, electric release
A91 - pull down rear compartment lid
BA5 - ornamentation, exterior custom
BC3 - ornamentation, interior,I/P deluxe
BF9 - floor mats delete
BMD - Plant code, Flint, MI, USA
BQ0 - national car rental
BQ2 - fleet incentive Avis Corp (C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/N/M/U/W/Z-TRK )
BS1 - insulation, acoustical
BU8 - ornamentation, extra, door handle lock cylinder
BV8 - ornamentation,exterior door handle, lock cylinder
BX1 - ornamentation, extra front end,special
B18 - ornamentation, interior, deluxe
B20 - ornamentation, interior luxury
B24 - ornamentation, exterior molding, side window reveal
B34 - covering front floor mats, carpeted insert
B35 - covering rear floor mats, carpeted insert
B37 - covering, floor mats, front 8 rr aux
B48 - trim equipment, luggage compartment
B53 - covering, front floor mats, carpeted interior, deluxe
B57 - ornamentation, exterior deluxe
B58 - covering, floor mats, front and RR,carpeted insert
B71 - molding, wheel opening, colored
B77 - ornamentation, exterior molding w/side reveal, colored
B88 - molding b/s custom
B94 - ornamentation,exterior emblem,body,VAR 1
CD2 - Indicator, washer, jar fluid
CD4 - wiper system, pulse
CE4 - washer, head lamp, high pressure
CF5 - roof sunglass sliding electric
CJ2 - hvac system air cond front,auto temp control
CO1 - ornamentation, extra emblem body,var 2
C49 - defogger RR window electric
C57 - vent forced air
C60 - hvac system,ac front manuals controls
C61 - hvac system,air conditioner, front auto controls
C67 - hvac system, air conditioner front, electronic controls
C68 - hvac system,air conditioner front auto,electronic
C75 - lamp interior,front header,courtesy and dual reading
C78 - lamp,interior,roof,courtesy and single reading
C90 - lamp interior, front & rear doors courtesy
C96 - lamp interior, qtr, courtesy and single reading
C97 - illuminated entry
DA0 - armrest, front seat storage
DA1 - arm rest, Rear seat storage
DC4 - Mirror, inside rear view tilt, dual reading lamps
DC6 - mirror, outside,remote control,electric defog, foldaway, color
DD0 - mirror, outside,remote control, electric,defog, light sensitive
DD7 - mirror I/S light sensitive, compass
DD8 - mirror I/S R/V light sensitive
DEH - plant code, Detroit/Hamtramck, MI, USA
DG7 - mirror o/s, LH,RH,remote control electric, painted
DH5 - mirror o/s LH & RH rem cont, elect LH LT sensitive
DH6 - mirror, vanity sunshade, illuminated, driver passenger
DK2 - mirrors, O/S LH & RH, remote control electric, defog
DK5 - mirrors, O/S LH & RH, remote control electric heated
DK6 - console roof interior
D35 - mirror o/s LH remote,RH direct control
D55 - Console, front compartment, floor
D58 - spoiler, rear, delete
D64 - mirrors I/S RH, sunshade illuminated
D74 - mirrors I/S LH, sunshade illuminated
D84 - paint,custom, two tone
D85 - stripe body side, lower accent
D89 - paint special decor
D4P - gear, speedo driven
D9C - sensor, viechle speed
E28 - handle, assist
FE1 - suspension, soft ride
FE2 - suspension, ride and handling
FE3 - suspension, sport
FE9 - certified emissions federal
FLT - option
FQ3 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 2.86
FR2 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 2.93
FW1 - electronic controlled ride and handling
FW2 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 3.06
FX3 - automatic ride & handling, electronic controlled
F17 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 2.84
F41 - Suspension system, front/rear, firm ride & handling
F79 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 2.97
F83 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 3.05
GX3 - ratio, transaxle, final drive 3.33
G67 - level control auto, air
H4U - option package SLE
IB2 - trim, interior design (B2) (99)
IFD - trim, interior design(FD)
IF3 - trim, interior design(F3)
IHE - Interior design(HE)
IH2 - Interior design (H2)
IH4 - Interior design (H4)
IQB - Interior design (QB)
IQE - interior design (QE)
JG3 -
JL9 - brake system,power,front & RR disk,antilock front W
JM4 - brake system, pwr frnt disk,rear drum, cast iron(antilock)
J41 - brake system,pwr front disc rear drum,cast iron
KA1 - heated seat
KB9 - control, electronic trans shift
KC4 - engine oil cooling system
KG9 - generator, 140 amp
KP2 - retained accessory power
KW2 - generator 124 amp
K05 - heater engine block
K29 - Powertrain control
K34 - cruise control, automatic, electronic
K60 - generator 100 amp
K68 - generator 105 amp
K90 - generator 108 amp
LG3 - 3.8L V6 MFI HO
LN3 - 3.8L V6 MFI 3800 I
LX5 - 99-02 3.5 TwinCam( Shortstar )V6
L27 - 3.8L V6 MFI 3800 TPI HO
L36 - 3.8L V6 MFI 3800 II
L67 - 3.8L V6 3800 SC(92-current)
ME9 - trans, auto,4 speed, THM440-T4
MN3 - trans, auto, 4 speed, 4T65-E
MN7 - trans, auto, 4 speed, 4T65-E HD
MX0 - trans, merchandised, overdrive
M13 - trans, 4T60-E F31
M15 - trans, auto, 4 speed, 4T65-E
NA5 - emissions system, federal tier 0
NB6 - emissions system, california, tier 1
NB7 - emissions system, california, TLEV
NB8 - emissions override california system
NC6 - exhaust system, sporty
NC7 - emissions system override, federal
NF2 - emissions system, federal tier 1
NF4 - emissions system, clean fuel fleet
NG1 - emissions certification, geographically restricted registration
NG5 - 50 state emissions
NK5 - steering wheel, standard
NP5 - steering wheel, leather wrapped
NV8 - steering, magnetic speed, variable assist
NW9 - traction control electronic
N10 - exhaust system, muffler dual outlet
N33 - steering column, tilt
N60 - wheel, aluminum, painted
N73 - wheel, custom sport 16x7
N81 - full size spare
N91 - simulated wire wheel cover
N93 - wheel, 17x7.5 aluminum
ORN - orion plant
PA2 - aluminum wheel, painted, machined faced
PA3 - wheel 15x6 aluminum
PA6 - Styled painted / 3 blade cast aluminum
PB4 - lock control, wheel
PF4 - wheel, 16x7 aluminum
PF5 - wheel 16x7 aluminum, light metal alloy 5 blade aluminum
PG1 - wheel, steel 15x6
PH3 - wheel 15x6, cast aluminum, 115 mm bolt circle
PH6 - wheel 15x6 aluminum
PJ5 -
PX0 - wheel 16x7 aluminum
PY0 - 16x6.5, aluminum
P05 - wheel chrome, VAR 1
P42 - tires, self sealing
QCH - tire, all season, 235/55R17-98H
QGW - tire, all season, 215/60R16
QGY - tire, P205/70R15
QGZ - tire, P205/70R15
QNX - tire, 225/60R16 touring
QPE - tire, 215/60R16
QPH - tire, all season, 215/65R15
QVF - tire, 225/60ZR16
QVG - tire, all season,P225/60R16/N BL R/PE ST TL AL3 97H
QYZ - tire all season,215/65R15/N BL R/PE ST TL HWY
R6A - control sales item #1
R6C - control sales item #3
R6U - sales item # 20
R6Z - sales item # 25
R7K - AM/FM stereo with single CD
R7M - sales item # 38
R7N - P.C.N.
R8T - control sales item #69
R9D - control sales item #79
R9U - control sales item #95
R9X - control sales item #98
R9Z - contract sales item # 100
SLM - sales processing, stock orders
TR9 - lamp group
TU6 - head lights, flash to pass
T2T - remote control, illuminate entry
T2U - shaft, front stabilizer solid
T2V - steering, two flow electronic
T2Z - equipment enhancement group
T37 - lamp, fog(deluxe)
T43 - spoiler rear deck lid
T61 - lighting, daytime running
T63 - head lamps on, warning system
T82 - head lamps, auto on off control
T87 - lamp cornering
T96 - fog lamps
UA1 - battery, high capacity, wet
UA6 - Theft deterrent system
UB3 - cluster,inst,oil,cool temp,volts,trip odometer
UB8 - horn, high note C
UG1 - opener garage door universal
UH8 - cluster-cool temp,tach, trip odom
UJ2 - engine oil life indicator
UK3 - control, steering wheel accessory
ULO - radio, am/fm,stereo, seek/scan, auto reverse music search cassette, auto tone, clock
UM7 - AM/FM stereo,scan/seek,auto reverse ETR
UN0 - radio,AM/FM, stereo, seek/scan, compact disk, auto tone, clock
UN6 - AM/FM stereo,scan/seek,auto reverse
UP0 - radio,AM/FM,stereo,seek/scan,auto reverse music search cassette,CD,auto tone,clock
UP3 - Radio, AM/FM, stereo,seek/scan, compact disk, equalizer, clock
UQ1 - radio provisions for stereo
UQ4 - speaker system, bose
UQ8 - speaker system,4 dual, front ext range, dual ext range
US6 - antenna fixed, painted, radio
US7 - antenna power, painted, radio
UT0 - radio, am/fm stereo,seek scan auto reverse
UT1 - tone, generator warning
UT4 - radio, AM/FM cassette, ETR stereo
UT6 - radio, AM/FM stereo,casette,EQ,ETR,clock
UU4 - radio,AM/FM, stereo, seek/scan, auto reverse music search cassette, auto tone, data system, clock
UV5 - service reminder
UV6 - display, head up
UV7 - antenna, windshield, rr window, radio
UW1 - diagnostic system
UW6 - speaker system,6,dual F/D tweet & WWF,dual EXT
UX1 - radio,am/fm stereo,weather,cassette,equalizer,etr,incls clock
UX7 - extended range speaker system
UZ8 - speaker system, 8 premium
U1C - radio, am/fm stereo,seek/scan,compact disk, clock, ETR
U1P - radio, am/fm stereo,seek/scan,cd,clock,equalizer,rds,etr
U19 - speedometer, kilo and miles, kilo odometer
U2F - cluster, instrument,oil, coolant temp,trip, tach
U2J - digital audio system, s band not installed
U21 - cluster instrument, oil, coolant, volts,tach
U23 - cluster instrument, trip odometer
U26 - lamp interior, engine compartment
U41 - indicator low fuel
U50 - cluster, instrument,oil,temp, volts, trip
U75 - antenna power, radio
U77 - Antenna, rear window, radio
U85 - speaker system,8,quad front door mounted,shelf quad mounted...
VCL - certification, emissions, clean fuel vehicle, fleet
VH9 - owner information manual
VJ6 - License plate,RR pocket, Deluxe
VK3 - license plate, front mounting package
VM3 - label information consumer, contains BPR IMP Std
VM4 - label information, consumer,contains BPR IMP standard for front
VN9 - jack mechanical, movable foot
VQ1 - fleet program dealer assistance, with hold back
V08 - cooling system, heavy duty
VX5 - fleet program cash allowance
V1B - discount value package
V41 - Accessory kit
V73 - USA/Canada
V97 - Export
WA2 - merchandised package bonneville GXP
WA5- Merchandised package bonneville SLE
WA6 - merchandised, package SSEi
WDV - warranty waiver partial deductible
WEN - Wentzville plant
WRN - willow run plant
WS8 - vehicle acknowledgment, price order
W63 - package group 2
YT9 - fleet program exposure initiative (C/F/G/H/J/K/M/N/S/U/V/W/Z- TRK CKGMPST)
Y40 - 40th anniversary Bonneville
Y80 - exterior custom
Y85 - merchandised package, SSE
Y98 - control, ride system electronic
Y99 - sales handling package
Z31 - Price sheet advance
Z49 - Canadian Modif Mandatory base E
01U - primary, exterior color, special(91)
03L - secondary color, exterior, marblehead grey metallic(95)
03U - primary color,exterior, Marblehead grey metallic(95)
1SA - package, option 01
1SB - package, option 02
1SC - package, option 03
1SD - package, option 04
1SZ - discount, option package
12C - Trim combination cloth,graphite(E)(94)
12D - Trim combination cloth graphite(D)(92)
12I - Interior trim graphite(92)
122 - Trim combination leather, graphite(2)(94)
123 - Trim, graphite leather
126 - Trim combination leather,graphite(6)(92)
13L - secondary color, ext bright silver metallic
14A - Stripe color accent, light gray(91)
14I - interior trim, light gray
142 - trim combination, leather,light gray
15C - combination trim,cloth medium slate gray
15I - interior trim, medium slate gray
159 - seat belt color,med slate gray
16U - Paint, bright white
17B - Trim combination cloth, med gray(97)(B)
17C - Trim combination cloth, med gray(97)(C)
17D - Trim combination cloth, med gray(97)(D)
17I - Interior trim, gray(I)(97)
17U - Primary color exterior, silvermist(97)
143 - trim combination, leather, light gray(3)(92)
172 - Trim combination leather,med gray(2)(97)
176 - Trim combination leather, med gray(6)(97)
20A - Stripe color accent, dark royal blue(94)
23A - Stripe color accent, light blue(91)
30B - Trim combination cloth,med dark adriatic blue(B)(96)
30C - Trim combination cloth,med dark adriatic blue(C)(96)
30D - Trim combination cloth,med dark adriatic blue(D)(94)
30I - Interior trim, med dark adriatic blue(I)(94)
30U - Primary color exterior, med adriatic blue metallic(93)
302 - Trim combination leather,med dark adriatic blue(2)(94)
306 - Trim combination leather,med dark adriatic blue(6)(94)
34U - Primary color exterior, light teal metallic(92)
36U - Primary color exterior,light adriatic blue metallic(94)
37E - Trim combination cloth,teal(E)(94)
37I - Interior trim,medium dark teal(I)(94)
372 - Trim combination leather,med dark teal(2)(96)
373 - Trim combination leather, teal(3)(94)
40A - Stripe color exterior, white(91)
40U - primary color, white
41U - Primary color exterior black(96)
42U - Primary color exterior, med sea green metallic(96)
43U - Primary color exterior, majestic teal metallic(96)
47U - Primary color exterior, med dark lichen(96)
48U - Primary color exterior,dark yellow green metallic(92)
50A - Stripe color accent,stone beige(97)
50U - primary color, exterior, stone beige metallic
51B - Trim combination cloth,toreador red(97)
51C - Trim combination cloth,toreador red(C)(97)
51I - Interior trim,toreador red(97)
51U - Primary color exterior,toreador red metallic(96)
512 - Trim combination leather,toreador red(2)(97)
52C - Trim combination cloth, light neutral(C)(96)
52D - Trim combination cloth, light neutral(D)(96)
52I - Iterior trim, light neautral9I)(92)
522 - Trim combination leather, light neutral(2)(96)
526 - Trim combination leather,Medium neutral(96)
53U - Primary color exterior,light toreador red metallic(97)
55A - Stripe color accent, Gold(96)
56B - Trim combination cloth,medium neutral II(B)(96)
56C - Trim combination cloth,medium neutral II(C)(96)
56E - Trim combination cloth,medium neutral II(E)(96)
56I - Interior trim medium neutral II(96)
562 - Trim combination leather,medium neutral II(2)(96)
563 - Trim combination leather,medium neutral II(3)(96)
57U - exterior color,primary, shale beige
563 - trim combination leather, med neutral 2
6HT - component front LH, computer sel susp
6JC - component front LH, computer sel susp
6KJ - component front LH, computer sel susp
6UZ - component front LH, computer sel susp
6WA - spring/suspension - front LH
64E - trim combination, cloth, light beige
64I - interior trim, light beige
64J - trim combination cloth, light beige
648 - trim combination cloth, light beige
66A - Strip color accent,dark auburn(91)
7HT - component front RH, computer sel susp
7JC - component front RH, computer sel susp
7KJ - component front RH, computer sel susp
7UZ - component front RH, computer sel susp
7WA - spring/suspension - front RH
72A - Strip color accent,medium garnet red(96)
72U - primary color, med garnet red metallic
75A - Stripe color accent, red(91)
76A - Stripe color accent,dark garnet red(91)
77U - Primary color exterior,dark cherry metallic(95)
78B - trim combination, cloth, garnet red
78I - interior trim, garnet red
789 - seat belt color, garnet red
79B - Trim combination leather,ruby red(B)(96)
79C - Trim combination leather,ruby red(C)(96)
79I - interior trim, ruby red(96)
792 - Trim combination leather,ruby red(2)(96)
8BG - component RR LH, computer sel susp
8RU - component RR LH, computer sel susp
8RW - component RR LH, computer sel susp
8ZB - component RR LH, computer sel susp
8ZC - spring/suspension - RR LH
81U - Primary color exterior,bright red(96)
82C - trim combination, cloth,medium dark grey
85U - exterior color, medium slate grey
82I - interior trim, medium dark grey
829 - seat belt color, medium dark grey
87A - Stripe color accent,gunmetal metallic(91)
88A - Stripe color accent,cark briar brown(96)
89A - Stripe color accent, mushroom(94)
9BG - component RR RH, computer sel susp
9RU - component RR RH, computer sel susp
9RW - component RR RH, computer sel susp
9ZB - component RR RH, computer sel susp
9ZC - spring/suspension - RR RH
91U - exterior color,primary,dark polo green metallic
99A - Stripe color accent,dark slate gray(91)

Just remember that any addition codes that you have or want added can be PM'd to Myself Jrs3800 for addition to the RPO code list Wink

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