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PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:00 pm 
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There has been talk over the years about the differences through the model years of the Bonneville... and the changes made through the line and models is enough to confuse even the best Bonneville enthusiast at heart.. For many years a Bonneville could be had in several flavors from unloaded to just plain fun to drive...


Simply an odd year as you had a Bonneville and a Bonneville LE, But if you bought an LE or ordered one you could have had it equipped with the SE Package... 87 was the only year to do this...

1G2HX was the Bonneville

1G2HZ was the Bonneville LE( Also could have the added SE Package if so ordered )

The Transmission used was the THM440-T4, Gear ratios were 2.73, 2.84 and 2.97


1988 was the first year for the SSE Bonneville as well as the 3800 V6.. For the 88 model year the Bonneville was dropped and the LE took its place, the SE was now under its own Vin designation and the SSE was added to the line with its own Vin designation as well.. The Vin 3 3.8 V6 was still used in a limited number of LE Bonnevilles for 88.. The Vin designations remained the same through the 1991 model year.. For these years there were no other packages for these Vin designations.. But as strange as GM could get you could order an LE Bonneville with the same or more options than some SE's had, right down to the F41 firm ride and handling to the steering wheel controls and electronic climate control.. The options for these cars were almost endless..

1G2HX was now the LE Bonneville

1G2HZ was now the SE Bonneville

1G2HY was the SSE Bonneville

The Transmission used was the THM440-T4, later to be renamed the 4T60.. Gear ratios were 2.73( 88 was the last year for the 2.73 behind a 3800 ), 2.84, 2.97 and 89+ could be had with a 3.33 with the SSE as an option..


For the 92 model year Pontiac redesigned the Bonneville and added a supercharged model to the line up the SSEi, but if you ordered an SSE you had the option of ordering the supercharged 3800 to go with it.. GM also changed the Vin designations once again... The LE Model was dropped in favor of the SE Model..

1G2HX was now the SE Bonneville( for 1993 you could add the SLE package to an SE Code H4U )

1G2HZ was now the SSE Bonneville

1G2HY was now the SSEi Bonneville

1992 saw the use of the New 4T60-E Transmission that went into use 1 year previous in the C Body Line.. The L27 Tuned Port 3800 had one of 2 ratios, either the 2.84 or the 3.06.. The supercharged cars only had the 2.97 ratio..


For 94 GM dropped 1 Vin designation and this would be the SSEi 1G2HY designation, the SSEi designation was now a package that could be added to an SSE Bonneville making it an SSEi.. as well in 94 all 3800 Supercharged Engines received the Gen 3 M62 Eaton Blower..

1G2HX SE Bonneville( SLE package as well )

1G2HZ SSE Bonneville( SSEi was now a Package for the SSE )

For 1994 a few changes( updates ) were made to the trans to include different wiring schematic for the trans to include a temp sensor so that the PCM could monitor the transmissions temps at all times.. Gear ratios for the Tuned Port 3800 were 2.84 and 3.06.. Supercharged remained 2.97..


Things get a tad tricky here... In 1995 GM allowed a Supercharged option for the SLE package, we have for the longest time called this the SESC( SE Supercharged, as this was an SE 1G2HX bonneville with an SLE package and L67 Option )... In order to get a Supercharged SE you had to opt for the H4U SLE package... If you have a supercharged SE Bonneville then what you actually have is an SLE as you could not get the L67 in the SE Bonneville..

As well 1995 was the first year for the L36 Series II 3800..

1G2HX SE Bonneville( Aslo SLE package, with or without L67, the L67 could be had in these cars 95-97, the L67 option was dropped for 98 )

1G2HZ SSE Bonneville( SSEi was a Package )

For the 3800 Series II L36, the 4T60E continued from 1995-1997 production, the gear ratios were 2.84 and 3.06...

For the supercharged models the 4T60-E continued for the 1996 model year and was dropped for 1997... The trans for 97+ is the 4T65E for the supercharged cars,1998+ all L36 H Bodies now used the 4T65-E.....

1996 Supercharged 4T60-E had a 2.93 gear ratio and this was a Heavy Duty Differential,
1997-1999 Supercharged 4T65-E also had the 2.93 Heavy Duty Differential

98-99 L36 Bonnevilles used the 4T65-E, gear ratios were 2.86 or 3.05 depending on package..


Complete redesign.. still using the 3800 Series II L36 and L67 Supercharged.. The SE was its own Vin designation, the SLE was no longer a package and gained its own Vin designation.. The SSEi continued under its own Vin designation..

1G2HX ( SE Bonneville, no packages to be added to this car )

1G2HY ( SLE Package, no packages to be added to this car )

1G2HZ ( SSEi Bonneville, and again, no packages to be added to this car )

2004-2005( end of production )

for 2004 the SSEi Designation was dropped as well as the L67 Supercharged engine.. The SSEi was replaced with the new for 2004 GXP that used the 4.6 Northstar V8.. The SE remained unchanged, for 05 the SLE used the GXP cladding..

1G2HX ( SE Bonneville )

1G2HY ( SLE Bonneville )

1G2HZ ( GXP Bonneville )

Long live the Bonneville.... The last Bonneville was produced in 2005 and Production sadly ended....

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