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Retired Admin/Techinfo Admin

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Year and Trim: 03 SLE, 95 SE, 95 TS SE
Authors :Tim 95SESC, Willwren, Jr's3800


Sport Luxury Edition: According to GM, the only year between 1987 and 1998 that the SLE was a model was in 1994. Ironically, they did not badge the 1994 SLE. Furthermore, GM has the SLE listed as a “Sport Luxury Edition”. During the years between 1995 and 1998, the SLE was an RPO option group “H4U”. Again, ironically, some of these SLE’s are badged as such.

40th Anniversary Edition: In 1997 Pontiac made six models: the SE, the 40th Anniversary SE, the SSE, the 40th Anniversary SSE, the SSEi, and the 40th Anniversary SSEi. The 40th Anniversary SSEi is the rarest model with a total production of 637 units. The 40th anniversary models all had a VIN with Y40—sorry guys, no fakes allowed.

Production Numbers for 1999-Present: Apparently GM and Pontiac decided they weren’t going to keep track of individual models produced, so there is no breakdown of information on these newer models.

Data compiled on June 18, 2003 at the request of Will Wren, Administrator of Source General Motors Corp. Disseminated to Tim Castañón, Moderator of from Karen Wardrop, General Motors Customer Service.

Editors note (more info from Tim via PM to willwren):

"I re-read the post from sle-sc (after unsuccessfully getting production numbers for L67 equipped HX's from Pontiac), and thought that I would just make sure that you included his information when you post the production numbers:

For 1996
approximately 8000 of the SE's produced had the SLE option group, of those, only 367 came with the L67. The L67 could not be had in an SE without the SLE option--this holds true for the 1995-1997 years.

And just to reiterate, according to Pontiac Customer Service, 1994 was the only year that the SLE was it's own trim line between the years 1994-1998, but in 1998, they began to badge the SLE.

I wish I had info on the 1995 and 1997 L67 SE's."

"This means that, according to GM, all L67 equipped SE's are just that, SE's. But, it also means that in order to have this engine, they had to have RPO H4U: Sport Luxury Edition (SLE). But since this was not a model, it had no badging in 1995 (and supposedly not for 1996-1997), it was just an option for the SE. Since the L67 was not part of the SLE option, ordering an SE with H4U would get you the mini console in the headliner, the cobra head shifter, performance/normal shift selection buttons, leather interior, chrome delete side and bumper moldings, center shift console, and touring suspension--but no supercharger. But in order to get the supercharger in an SE, you had to also pay for the SLE option. The SLE optioned SE was supposed to compete with European sedans in appearance and performance, whereas the SSEi was to be more of an American Muscle sedan (I still prefer the SSEi styling and options over the SE/SLE, much more aggressive looking).

I was very surprised to find out that I had the SLE option. Out of all my RPO codes, H4U was one of the few that I couldn't decipher--until speaking with Karen at GM. Even though she was unable to give me a breakdown on production numbers for non SSEi L67 equipped Bonnevilles, she cleared up quite a bit of the questions and misconceptions I had."

Older information:
1957- 630 cars
1958- 12,240
1959- 82,564
1960- 85,277
1961- 69,323
1962- 101,753
1963- 109,539
1964- 120,259
1965- 134,020
1966- 135,401
1967- 102,696
1968- 104,436
1969- 96,315
1970- 82,031
1971- 41,269
1972- 50,293
1973- 46,898
1974- 20,560
1975- 27,815
1976- 64,471
1977- 133,184
1978- 139,144
1979- 179,416
1980- 81,815
1981- 91,563
1982- 60,478
1983- 64,554
1984- 73,389
1985- 53,394
1986- 40,921

Authors :Tim 95SESC, Willwren, Jr's3800

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