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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 1:12 pm 
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I have recently replaced my blend door actuators and I thought I would share the parts that fit and the process behind doing so as I have had trouble finding a clear guide.

I only changed 3 of the blend doors and you are able to visually check the fourth one on your own. There are 2 under your steering wheel closer to where the radio is. This is a good link to get an idea of where the blend doors are. The two near eachother that are facing eachother are the driver side ones near the radio and the two farther away are the passenger side blend doors. The one labelled airmix actuator system on the bottom picture is the passenger side one you will be replacing. The one farther from that is the one you will be checking to see if it works.

For parts I got lucky and ordered the right ones the first time. You will need 2 of the normal Actuators: and then you will need one

For the process of actually removing the old blend door actuators and installing new ones I have the basic instructions but I'm no mechanic.

To start I took out the glovebox on the passenger side by opening the glovebox, removing the screws (9/32 bit) that hold the wire that holds the glovebox door. There should be one more screw on the left side for the liner itself. The process is simple, I can't label every screw but if it looks like it comes out it probably does when concerning the glove box. Make sure to save all of your screws in a safe place. Once you can get the actual plastic loose make sure to disconnect the clip holding in the trunk open button, you may need a screwdriver for it. from there with all the glovebox pieces removed (actual door itself, felt liner, plastic liner) you can inspect the blend door actuators. You will see one on the center console side of the cavity that is in plain view and not much obstruction. The other actuator you will not be replacing unless you disassemble your dash is on the right side (near the A pillar/door) and is connected to a round door so to speak that opens and shuts. In the picture I linked it is the blower motor actuator and the round piece next to it you are looking for. With the car on turn the fans up and down and the temperature from cold to hot or hot to cold. The door should move.

Before disassembling anything I turned my HVAC off and disconnected the battery. The blend door on the passenger side is one of the two smaller ones you are replacing. Just simply use a 7/32 bit and disconnect the wire. Turn the white plastic that your actuator was previously attached to to make sure it is not stuck. Replace the new actuator the same way lining up the white piece and reinstalling the screws and wire. To reinstall the glove box repeat the same steps but I left mine disassembled until I could make sure everything is working.

The fun part is without a doubt the driver side so I will try and give you the best explanation possible.

-find the driver side wheel well liner and remove the one clip and two screws. It should fall part way. Remove the two wire holding it up and wiggle it out.

-To assume the position you will be in it may be more comfortable to remove the seat. If you are like me and don't have time to remove that then this will be a little more uncomfortable but still possible. As a 230 pound and relatively tall man this was not too bad. Get on your knees outside of the drivers side door. rest your back on the seat and push with your legs while twisting your shoulders to fit under the steering wheel. You may have to contort yourself to get your right arm to a spot to be able to work on it.

-inspect the area you are working with, you will only be able to easily see one actuator on your left. The second one is right behind it (closer to the seat and further in).

-To gain more access to what you are working with you will need to remove a box with wires on the back. It is held in with a 7/32 screw that is used on the blend doors. You should not need to remove the wiring just push it out of the way. While doing that there is a plastic tube presumably for air and a filter that is clipped on. The tubes just pull right out from both sides and the filter has a clip into the metal. The clip is more like a hair clip and will slide right out.

- Start by removing the first blend door actuator, a small ratchet with an extension helps. If you can find a magnetized one or magnetize it that will help the installation process. You wrists and forearms will get tired. I personally used a ratcheting screwdriver that I cut the handle in half to get more room. Placing a light above your head and slightly to your right gives along with one on your chest will give you all the lighting you need. Most of this work will be done with one hand.

-There should be 2 screws in the first one, and just a little slot with a piece of plastic through it on the third hole. Disconnect the wire and pull the actuator out.

-Now you have access the the rear actuator. There should only be 4 screws holding it in place, there are more of the exact same screws in the actual motor itself that do not need removed. Just the four on the plastic pieces. Look at your new actuator for the spots to unscrew.

-You may have to wiggle it out to get it out but you should have enough room. Make sure all blend doors are set to neutral before installing and make sure that the plastic gates are not locked up by moving them with your hand.

-reinstall by reversing the process and plugging the wires back in to their correct spots. The 2 actuator wires should be different colors so make sure you check that before disconnecting. If they are the same color then mark them in some way.

Disclaimer: My AC still doesn't work after replacing these, not sure what is going on yet but this guide was made to help anyone confused on what parts to order.

Hopefully this guide helps anyone as confused and lost as I was on what parts to get and what to do.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2022 11:09 am 
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Update: The blend door mode actuator needs to be held up in some fashion to get the mode to seat properly. There are three levers that go in the mode and the middle right one what you want to push in. Somehow keep it closed by using something on the wheel at the top (which you can access to remove with the mode on). I used a clothes pin that I moved to the shape of an X. it somehow held long enough to line up the mode actuator properly.

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